• #7 Top 50: Anime/Manga

    2018-04-30 23:14:00

    Lista com os meus animes/mangas preferidos (30/04/2018).
    Top 50 ordenado por ordem de preferência (nº 1: dava os dois rins para rever; nº 50: dava só um rim e meio para rever), sem ordem de preferência dentro de cada nível.
    Note: avoided divinding in OVA, anime show, movie or manga format (report to both). I avoided to include Studio Ghibli stuff and animes I am halfway (a ton!). It was hard to make this list, I had a lot of options I had to cut down, others I saw long ago and can't do an impartial evaluation.

    Before I start the official count to 50:


    • Dragon Ball
      Not included officially in the list because I can't rate it fairly: was my first anime and big love (at 8 years old maybe), but I know it does not have the standard quality and adult mood of some contemporary anime. Because of nostalgic reasons clouding my judgement I can't rate it. I give it the -1 rating, because it introduced me to anime and made me love "not real" characters for the first time in my life, and influenced a big part of my childhood forever (gave me courage vs bullying and stupid children in school (well, at least for the first years, later I lost my Ki xD); made me draw in school and sell them for real money (technically, contraband of drawings was my first real life job lol; helped me making friends - was the first thing I had in common with my best friend I meet in elementary school, etc.). I give him -1, a rating outside the official count, but in an honour spot.


    • One Piece
      I give One Piece this special spot but it's value is not something I can rate objectively: it is one of the most important animes in my life, but at the same time I know that it has more in common with a "soap opera" than with a masterpiece painting. There were times I felt depressed, tired, and nothing gave me pleasure or cared about. In those times be it a good a book, the videogame of the year or a movie winner of the Oscars, I didn't felt much like watching/read it. Except for One Piece: in those times I would simply put One Piece running and watch episode after episode even thought I already knew all the story. I must have re-watched it all more than 5 times by now (close to 900 episodes at the moment and still growing...). The One Piece universe has some kind of magic I can't explain: it makes me smile, laugh, feel sad or angered even when I don't feel like feeling anything. It is like an epic big adventure each one of us deep down craves to have in life in our most deep fantasies: absolute freedom, revolt against the system, absolute unconditional love and friendship with closed ones always together, and a big world full of mysteries and dangers just for ourselves. At the moment I stopped watching the anime because they downgraded the quality and destroyed the pacing with fillers (shame on you Toei studio!), but I read the weekly manga religiously and each time it makes me feel like a child again, with wonder in my eyes, discussing theories in forums and daydreaming about how will the great voyage end. After so long reading it, is like they are part of my family. I don't have enough numbers to rate One Piece, so it comes before any rating.


    • Welcome to N.H.K.
    • Ghost in the Shell
    • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    • Hellsing Ultimate (OVAS)
    • Berserk (Note: manga is sugoi! The 1st two animes are ok, the newest anime is shit!)


    • Hunter x Hunter
    • Great Teacher Onizuka
    • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
    • Evangelion
    • Rurouni Kenshin (movies are sugoi. Anime after Tokyo arc is shit full of fillers)


    • Steins;Gate
    • Akira
    • Shingeki no Kyojin
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    • Ping Pong The Animation


    • Mob Psycho 100
    • Paprika
    • The Private Report on My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness
    • The Animatrix
    • One Punch Man


    • Afro Samurai
    • Nodame Cantabile
    • Mononoke
    • Redline
    • Naruto
    • Monster


    • Death Note (halfway they killed my favourite character and destroyed everything, if not for that it would be in a better spot)
    • Tokyo Ghoul
    • Claymore
    • Mushishi
    • 20th Century Boys


    • Hajime no Ippo
    • Mononoke Hime
    • Samurai 7
    • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
    • Planets


    • Knights of Sidonia
    • Byousoku 5 Centimeter
    • Honey and Clover
    • Gantz
    • Serial Experiments Lain


    • Elfen Lied
    • Black Lagoon
    • Trigun
    • Chi's Sweet Home
    • Cowboy Bebop


    • Rec
    • Perfect Blue
    • Basilisk
    • Samurai Champloo
    • School Rumble

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