Welcome to my virtual home!

This space is an attic of my soul, where I will share everything that would normally end up dead at the bottom of a drawer: work, thoughts and hobbies. In an era where social networks are in fashion, I programmed and designed this website (more than 15 years ago, it is old) as a tribute to the homepages and personal blogs of the 90s, with which I have always been fascinated. The CV section is the most uninteresting: disclosure of the professional part. The Portfolio is a glass drawer where I will share my creations throughout my life (websites, video games, software, poems, texts, photos, music, videos, woodwork, etc.). At the top of the page I will update, from time to time, a playlist with a selection of soundtracks. In the photo gallery I will share stock photos, conceptual and personal albums to remember later. The Blog is the living area of the website that will connect everything else, where I will share whatever I want. This home page is just a summary of the innards of the website and the author, it serves as an overview of the topics that I may share.

About me

Things I love: computers, cinema, anime/manga, series, music, books, rivers, birds, nature, video games, clouds, mountains, animals, photography, waking up late, potato chips and pizza, spending the whole day at home in pajamas, learning new things, board games, eastern philosophies, ping pong, bushcraft, mycology, identifying wild plants, web design, programming languages, musical instruments, wood, etc.

Things I don't like: crowds, supermarkets, sophists, dogmas, bullfights, mosquitoes, clubs, meeting new people scares me, noise, traffic, social titles (Dr. Prof., Eng. etc.), waking up early, cleaning the house, social events, awkward silences, loud music, ignorance, etc.

People I admire: Fernando Pessoa, Leonardo da Vinci, Franz Kafka, Nikola Tesla, Kahlil Gibran, Vincent van Gogh, Gautama Buddha, Osho, Lev Tolstoy, Beethoven, Socrates, Plato, George Carlin , Diogenes, Alan Watts, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jiddu Krishnamurti, etc. I don't say brothers and childhood friends because then no one would put up with them.

Dreams/utopias: living somewhere in a wooden house near a forest, mountain and river as a freelancer, surviving on my creativity (hence this website, as the seed of that dream); be a writer and publish fiction and poetry books; write scripts and direct a film or short film; program and design indie video games; sketch a model of a musical album (singing is out of the question); be the best father possible to my girl; have spiritual experiences, find the truth, nirvana or moksha, know myself, grow, acquire more and more wisdom and discover the mysteries of the universe; my biggest utopia is to have a soul, not just to be a flesh-and-blood robot, for life to continue in some way after I die - if that's not the case, existing doesn't make much sense and is a bad joke; etc. PS: I know I won't achieve a tenth of these utopias and it sounds childish, but for me life without them has no meaning, dreaming is like the story of the donkey with a carrot tied to the front of its forehead, running towards the sunset. sun, towards a precipice - even if you never fulfill any of these dreams, it doesn't matter, running towards the precipice is already half an achievement.

Idealisms: Self-taught and polymath of the things in life with aspirations to be a writer, poet and sannyasin (search for truth). Spiritualist but anti religious institutions and dogmas - I'm interested in all religions in the world, I consider that they all say the same in different words but corrupted and distorted by humanity over the centuries, so I don't follow any in particular. I like reading about these themes and philosophy, a quarter of my micro-library is about this. I tried to study and experience a little of the main religions and currents, however, although I had interesting experiences, I never found the truth of things and I moved away from everything that has a human hand. I especially like Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, but I have no religion and I am against dogmas and institutions. Socially, I consider myself a non-practicing agnostic, this is the answer I always give to the topic - I consider it the only possible rational answer ("I only know that I know nothing"), as I have no proof of the existence or non-existence of something. Although I am in neutral territory and increasingly disillusioned with the things of the gods, I keep my fingers crossed and try to believe that I exist beyond my body, otherwise existing would be a bad joke and wouldn't be worth it. As for politics, I never followed parties, it all seems childish to me, manipulating the masses and massaging egos - if men were perfect they wouldn't need rulers like dogs on a leash so they don't bite, morally perfect beings would never need rulers and laws serving as a muzzle. Self-awareness, peace and love are my policy and guiding compass. However, I understand that humanity is still very imperfect, most human beings are wild and unconscious children at the core of their soul, they need muzzles to avoid biting, social templates to avoid falling into existential crises and leashes to guide them, for That's why politics, courts and laws have their role for these people and the contemporary world, at least until the (distant and utopian) day when humanity comes of age.

Professionally: I always wanted to be everything professionally, I can't stand the idea of being tied to just one professional title (to booring). But in practical terms, all my life as been centered around Software Engineer (Python & Rust are my favourite tools) and Full Stack Engineer, with vast experience on Backed development and Web Architectures and some on Frontend. I'm a Swiss army knife of experiences, I started in the research sector, I've collaborated with different schools and departments from Languages (NLP), Psychology (educational video games) and of course Computer Science (Web Engineering & Knowledge Graphs). I taught some courses in an academic environment as an Assistant Professor (about NLP and Web) and worked on several Research Grants and R&D projects (highlighting an ML project with Bosch, and winning the first prize worth of 10k in an annula competition promoted by Aquivo.pt for software target at research). I developed several projects, websites and server maintenance for clients (e.g. BragaTV project). I worked in the Health Care sector in one of the main companies in the world for AI applied to healthcare, as a Software Engineer in challenges related to medical imaging (DICOMs), Electronic Health Records (FHIR), NLP, Clinical Trials, migrating legacy systems to microservice architectures etc. In my free time, one of my long-time passions is video games, in my short time I continue the saga of developing Indie Games (Godot Engine FTW). I dream of dying as a writer in the final stages of my life (book drafts in the drawer). Growing interest in scriptwriting and film production, producing something for cinema would be another big dream. In between life, some hobbies are: photography, bushcraft, meditation, identification of wild plants, mycology and musical instruments (love guitar and piano - a very green little apprentice). Although I learning and due to that I have tried two bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees out of my passion for knowledge, I believe that the greatest wisdom is reserved for self-taught and curious people, so I consider myself an autodidact. For as long as I've known myself as people, I've always aspired to learn a little bit of everything. It sadens me to make choices and specializations because I feel like I'm losing a piece of the universe every time I opt for something and deny the alternatives - I enjoy being a Swiss Army Knife, embrancing multiple paths. This philosophy of life was born from my passion for one of my great idols: Leonardo da Vinci - although I know I'm very small and will never be anything special in life in comparison, I love the classic concept of being a Polymath.