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  • #1 Hello World!

    Bem-vind@ à minha casa virtual. Desde tempos remotos da era digital, é tradição que o primeiro programa numa nova linguagem de programação seja fazer o computador dizer "Hello world". O post inaugural do meu blog é isso mesmo: um olá mundo, uma apresentação do website e porque nasceu. Quando tinha 1...

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    2018-04-30 18:42:00
  • #14 Portfolio update: visual identity for an event

    Just updated the portfolio section with new work: visual identity for an event called Autumn Colloquium. It is an annual colloquium (this year the thematic was “Peace and Freedom”) and for the past years I’ve been designing/programming stuff for it: website, posters, booklets, etc. This year the res...

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    2018-11-23 00:30:00
  • #15 Worth watching #1

    I watch a ton of youtube videos and am always eager to find good channels to subscribe to, there is very high quality content out there. But in the midst of every day not always quality trumps quantity, so sometimes I wonder "if people posted more favourite youtube channels than selfies on facebook ...

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    2019-07-02 23:58:43