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  • #11 Python and empty strings behaviour

    I am working on an app programmed with Python and Kivy. I was getting a strange bug and ended up tracking it to this line: if string.startswith(word): stuff I defined "word" empty by default (word=""), but that resulted in an unexpected behaviour: it always checks True, even if the string var ...

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    2018-09-08 16:45:00
  • #16 Thinkpad P53 + SSD Kingston A2000 = Freeze

    I have been testing Ubuntu 20 LTS on a Thinkpad P53. The laptop had only a SSD with 512GB by default, so I added a Kingston A2000 with 1TB (NVMe), making it my main drive for Ubuntu, while the original one had Windows 10 for dual boot with GRUB in cases of rare necessity (I have been avoiding W10 fo...

    Tags: programming
    2020-07-29 18:15:46
  • #17 Rust language - trending in 2020

    I have been enamoring the Rust programming language for some years now. Never used it professionally but have been trying to do some pet projects on the side with it. I simply love the philosophy and community behind it. One could say that Rust is a reincarnation of Haskell for a modern public. But ...

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    2020-09-23 08:48:22
  • #20 1º Prémio

    O vencedor do 1º prémio com o projeto “Major Minors”. “Major Minors” é uma Ontologia de recortes de imprensa de jornais portugueses com referência a minorias sociais. "Knowledge Graph (Ontologias Web) de recortes de imprensa de jornais portugueses com referência a minorias, entre os quais...

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    2021-06-20 15:19:52